Muriel Dégerine is an independent art director and self-taught designer. She has worked in New York for Stefan Sagmeister and Zago among others. Now based in Switzerland, she keeps working on projects with a cause or just stuff she loves.


Muriel works with a team of strategists, interactive designers, architects, developers, photographers and writers. She will lead your project from start to finish.

Idea Gold Award 2011
Print 2010, 2006
Aiga 2010, 2009
I.D Magazine 2009
Type Directors Club 2009
European Design Awards Merit Award 2008

We transform data, content, and ideas into experiences, visuals, and stories.


Jugamos Junto·a·s
Our brand new identity for inclusive sport in Central America is out.

Women Strike Switzerland
How about a feminist guerilla kit about menstruations as a tool for empowerment?

Creative Collisions
We loved doing this. Check out the identity we created for the annual conference of science centers and natural history museum in Europe and beyond.

Open Up Science!
The European Citizen Science Association held its 2018 conference and public festival in Geneva. Of course some DIY was involved!

How a molecule turns into a pill
A pop-up exhibit in four tables and eight panels to showcase the scope of the pharmacist's work.

Interaction design in the DIY science lab
A tool as big as a room and a yard, for teens to learn, tinker, and produce real science. The Bioscope is open!

In is Out
The "in" poster campaign is out. Who said the best cultural thrill in Geneva happens in Paris?

Together with my friend Claire Peverelli we showcased forty World War I original newspaper frontpages on a display made of 800 collapsing wooden paletts. On view, right now. Also at the Geneva Book and Press Fair.

Micropipet's tips are underrated
Still redesigning the experience of teaching and learning biology for the future outreach lab in Geneva, we launched the online teaser based on the wayfindings.

RSF show is open
Six photoreporters are showing their images on behalf of Reporter Without Borders (RSF/RWB). I was thrilled to redesign the exhibit space and work on the scenography + graphic design.

Together with Zago, we are invited to pitch for the design of Bioscope, the next public outreach lab in Geneva.

Lodz Design Festival
Splash! How Good Water Works and its juggernaut are on their way to Poland.

You're invited!
Opening Wednesday March 14 at 6:30pm at gallery imaginaid in Geneva. I'll be showing a freshly screenprinted poster with a twist.

Hello Ljubljana
As an invited speaker, I will address the question "What's next?" during the Month of Design in Slovenia. Stay tuned.

Gold IDEA Award!!!
Splash! How Good Water Works scores Gold at International Design Excellence Award in the category Environments.

Love Earth
the book by the Hong Kong based publisher Victionary showcases the Nine Planets Wanted! scenography along with hundred other eco designs.

the new book by Macarena San Martin showcases a selection of key facts and figures from the newsprint piece Climate change won't announce itself as an apocalyptic event.

Yale School of Art
Guest Critic in the Graphic Design Program.

Best of Books
Among fifty other books published in the US this year and distinguished for their excellence, D Apostrophe is displayed at the American Institute for Graphic Arts on Fifth Avenue for a few more weeks.

Novum & Etapes
Appartenances design makes it in Novum and in Etapes.

Type Directors Club, I.D Magazine, AIGA
Three awards for the scenography of Nine Planets Wanted!

Going to the Overlap conference: when design collides with sustainability.

Floor-sized Pong game
Contemporary furniture meets Atari for an event at Bulo showroom in NYC.

Hello Stockholm!
European Design Awards: Appartenances annual report's design receives a Merit Award.

Print Excellence Award
for the Anni Kuan mailer.

Guest performer on Joshue Ott's live drawing platform Superdraw at Subtonic in NYC.

Creative Collisions
We loved doing this. Check out the identity we created for the annual conference of science centers and natural history museum in Europe and beyond